Conny Andriani

Architect - Collaborator

Conny was born in Jakarta, Indonesia in 1988. She studied architecture and design at Universitas Pelita Harapan and received Bachelor of Science in Architecture in 2010 with cum-laude honors. Her experience at Urbane Indonesia initiated her interest in contemporary and cutting-edge urban architecture design. At BWT Architecture, Conny was able to quickly expand her design techniques and repertoires by participating in quick-paced design projects, typical in Jakarta, and creating architectural solutions to the highest formal, aesthetical, and poetical standards required in the firm. 

She is currently the office design leader in developing and implementing Building Information Modeling (BIM) to create architectural design that merges seamlessly with the construction, digital fabrication, and energy and environmental requirements. In addition to that, she brings to every design projects the immense capability of digital tools through scripting and parametric modeling. 

During her leisure time, she loves to decorate objects, rooms, and her own cookings. She watches romantic comedies and currently lives with her three Molly fishes.