Our Process

Each projects is an opportunity for us to forge a life-time partnership with our clients. We treasure the opportunity and the responsibilities that follow with it. 

Our process is about embracing the given situations and involving our clients as the key player in every aspects of the planning and design process. We believe in the importance of collaboration and dialogue with our clients and other project team members. That spirit of collaboration and dialogue is the foundation of the following working process:

  • Initial Discussions
  • Develop a Design
  • Assist in Tender 
  • Construction Supervision

Initial Discussions 
The project will start with an initial meeting with client. In the meeting we will discuss about the basic project requirements, the site and scope of the projects, project budget, time schedule, and design aspirations. The product of these initial discussions is the Project Brief. The brief will be used to begin the next design process.  

Develop a Design
Based in the Project Brief agreed by the client, our team will prepare and present a preliminary or conceptual design illustrating the scale and relationship of all the project components. We will develop the design through three to five subsequent design meetings to arrive at a final design approval of the whole project. After the approval of a final design, our team will develop construction drawings and specifications to describe in detail the design and quality levels of materials and systems for the construction of the project.                                                                                                                                           

Assist in Tender
In the tender process, our team will provide assistance in collecting all drawings and specifications to be submitted to a list of prospect contractors or builders. If requested, we could also provide critical evaluations of each of the tender submission and a formal recommendation to client.

Construction Supervision
During the construction, our team will continue to provide supervision at intervals appropriate to the stage of construction.

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